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  • Is this a new School of Communication initiative?

    The School of Communication has been globally engaged in significant ways for a long time. These efforts have never been integrated with the School’s identity in significant ways in the past. While global engagement is not new for the School, the idea of bringing all these efforts under one roof is being launched now.

  • Why is this initiative important?

    We are in a period of tremendous global connectivity and confluence that facilitates cooperation on issues that transcend geographic borders, while at the same time, a global health crisis has accentuated social polarization, distrust and upheaval. We believe that communication must play a pivotal role in bridging divides and finding solutions through scholarship and pedagogy that uphold the values of social justice, equity and empathy. Our educational and scholarly mission is based on those values.

  • Who can be part of global engagement at the School of Communication?

    Our vision of global engagement at the School of Communication (SoC) is that of an expanding circle. Beginning with the existing efforts of SoC faculty and current students and staff, we envision the inclusion of our alumni networks, friends, and networks of institutions and organizations around the world. We are inspired particularly by the University of Miami’s Roadmap to Our New Century and will align our work with University-wide efforts such as the Center for Global Black Studies, the Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas, the Hemispheric University Consortium, and other globally engaged units of the university seeking to build bridges and improve well-being across many kinds of borders and boundaries.